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Disclaimer: This blog is unprofessional. There are appearances by occasional swear words and other politically incorrect terminology. That out of the way…  

My name is Joseph R. B. Taylor. I’m a web designer/developer. That’s the best title I’ve come up with for what I do.  I used to work for web design companies. Despite what metro-tech magazines said at the time, the pay was rather shitty.  The corporate environment was unsatisfying to say the least.

I started my own web design studio in late 2004 / early 2005 called Sites by Joe.

I know, I could have come up with a much cooler name, but I suppose I was humble getting started. Maybe one day I’ll change the company name to Ultra Deluxe Futuristic Web Design Studio. That would be cool. 

Anyway, since starting my studio I’ve built a bunch of sites for a bunch of people and everyone is pretty happy.  The studio has grown immensely over the years and the staff has actually doubled since 2005. Yes, that means there are 2 people now.  My wife has come on board to help keep the business managed (she runs quickbooks etc) so I can focus on building sites and handling maintenance and sales.

I started this blog for the same reason most people do.  I wanted to talk about the cats in my small one room apartment. Just kidding.  I don’t have any cats.  I’m married.  I have 2 kids.  I own a little house on a little land in a little county in a little state.  There’s little sign of intelligent life nearby. I digress. 

The point of this blog share my experiences as a web designer.  There’s already a plethora of sites covering (X)HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, Ruby, Tech news, Web Standards, Web Tutorials etc, etc…  All that stuff is well represented to the point of overkill. 

There’s not many sites that deal with running a tiny studio and the choices one makes when basically living from site to site, no project manager, no designer, no coder, no server administrator, just one web guy to wear all the hats of the nerdy end of the business.  One web guy who had no prior business experience, but who’s heart told him he had to do it anyway.  Everyday is a learning experience be it business or personal. 

I strive to be a better designer, a better coder, a better businessman, a better parent and a better husband.


About Joseph R. B. Taylor

Joseph R. B. Taylor is a humble designer/developer who makes stuff for screens of all shapes and sizes. He is currently the lead UI/UX Architect at MScience, LLC, where he works to create simple experiences on top of large rich datasets for their customers and clients.