Sites by Joe is a tiny web design studio that creates beautiful custom websites.

You have to love the internet. It lets small businesses look just as strong as their large corporate counterparts.  Just look at our website. Do a Google search for "south jersey web designer".  We're a small family-run business and yet we're at the top of search engines for that phrase - just the phrase we planned for by the way.

The knowledge and ability to get this website into the search engine position we desired can help your small business do the same thing.

Meet the People of Sites by Joe

Joseph R. B. Taylor: Design and Development

Hi, I'm Joe Taylor. I build all the websites and make each one from scratch. I'm well versed in all disciplines of web design and bring a unique and broad skillset to the service of my clients. I'm also a naturally gifted visual artist, having been continuously creatively active since the toddler years. That = nice website for you.

I'm an experienced visual designer on the computerized canvas, having very strong skillsets in programs like Photoshop, Flash and their software counterparts. I'm also fluent in most popular web languages and flavors, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, ASP, SQL and PHP.   Database work? you bet. I just love it.

I consider myself very, very fortunate to do what I do.  I truly love making websites.

Maryellen Delaplain: Management and Accounting

Having super-genius computer skills is handy in building great websites, but unfortunately it leaves a little to be desired in some other departments around the office (like business management!).

That's where the lovely Maryellen (my wife) comes in. She not only manages the books, clients, dispersement of funds etc, she also has the daunting task of keeping an eye on me to make sure all my "I's" are dotted and "T's" are crossed. That means jumping in for user testing sessions or possibly having to listen to long speeches about boring nerdy topics while pretending to be interested.