What is Sites by Joe?

Sites by Joe was a tiny design studio I started almost 20 years ago that made custom websites. My motto was "Clean, Simple & Elegant Web Design" and that's just what I did. The studio was located in Cape May County, New Jersey and I focused on local area business websites. I built every website by hand and provided full stack website service. I still help some of those businesses today.

I focused on Real Estate websites at first. It seemed logical since that was the business I was in before I made the leap into web design. I quickly racked up a decent number of clients and developed a few software platforms for real estate websites - i.e. MLS searching and I even developed my own rental management software for seashore real estate offices, Leasetool.

Joining the Corporate World

By 2011 I was getting worn out on designing site after site so in 2011 I made the decision to stop "slinging sites" full time for a living and accepted a full time position with Edvisors, Inc. as a senior front end developer. That role grew as I evolved and by 2016 I was their Lead UI/UX Developer. I loved working at Edvisors but after 5 years I was bored again.

In 2016 I joined Aerohive Networks in Portland, OR as a Staff Engineer. This was a challenging role that ended after a year or so as they closed their satellite Portland office and I didn't want to relocated to the San Jose area.

In late 2017 I joined MScience, LLC as their Lead UI/UX Architect and I'm still there today.

Over the years I've been involved in hundreds of web projects, and saw them through from end to end. I've made a career out of employing modern techniques to fulfill business objectives on the web.

From in depth photoshop comps, sketch documents and wireframes to database design and infrastructure development - I've literally done it all and loved every minute of it.