Haunted, Inc. The Movie!

I want to take a moment to post that the guys over at Emerald Productions are premiering their film, “Haunted, Inc.” at the Ritz in Oaklyn, NJ on Oct 7th at 7pm.

Visit http://hauntedincmovie.com to watch the trailer and get tickets. Seating is limited and the movie looks like it’s really going to be a fun ride!

You might notice that we built the site. They’re really happy with it. In fact, one of the producers just wrote me:

”...This website looks so f**king great. I was just checking it out online and everything just looks so professional and slick and has all come together. You have a knack for thinking what designs and choices best fit what the viewer wants and a your anticipation of these needs make going onto the site a much more pleasant experience.

I know this sounds like a lot of hot air. But, just know that you have mad skills. We have gotten a plethora (Three Amigos word, there) of people complimenting the website and the whole web experience. I also appreciate how you knew we wanted as much control as possible of the site and built around existing sites (blogspot, vimeo, picasa) to make that happen…”

The website was a really fun project and was built around their already existing blogs etc. I hope to post a case study in the near future.


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