Graphic Designs from Way Back!

I was digging through old CD’s of client files and other assorted junk from long ago - before this studio was opened even. I found some old gems that made me laugh so I though I’d share them with you since I don’t have any graphic designs on the site for the most part.

Poster for a play in Ocean City, New Jersey. It’s a Saul Bass rip-off tribute - every budding designer has to make at least one, right?

A simple business card for a quaint furniture shop in Avalon, New Jersey. I still like this looking back.

Parrothead Realty Ad from way back
Yippee! Let’s go buy some houses ‘down the shore. I used to make all sorts of weird and goofy ads for Parrothead Realty.

Hey you! Come buy a house right now! Yeah you! One of the agents from Parrothead Realty started his own company. Parrothead closed, he’s still here.

Another ad for Parrothead Realty
Another real estate ad. Now that the real estate market isn’t the gold rush that it was a couple years ago I have to giggle a little when I see the "gamble" aspect. Was I predicting?

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Joseph R. B. Taylor is a humble designer/developer who makes stuff for screens of all shapes and sizes. He is currently the lead UI/UX Architect at MScience, LLC, where he works to create simple experiences on top of large rich datasets for their customers and clients.