South Jersey Web Design

Our roots will always be in South Jersey

Yes, it's true. I'm a Jersey native. I grew up in Cape May County, New Jersey which isn't anything like the New Jersey you may have seen on TV.

The area is pristine in many ways, with beautiful beaches and nearly perfect weather. Winters are short and mild, summers don't get too hot. Jersey is far enough north that it's spared from most hurricanes, but far enough south the Nor'Easters usually don't do too much damage.

South Jersey is also where Sites by Joe was started and remains a constant source of new sites that we build. We had originally aimed to rank well for "South Jersey Web Design" so even though we're physically in Massachusetts, at this point we still get more inquiries from our old stomping ground than anywhere. I think that's awesome. It'll always be where my heart is, so it's great to be able to help out businesses in the area.

If you;d like to talk about creating a new website, or fixing up that old old site you have now, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll answer the phone personally and talk freely with you about what you're trying to do and offer honest advice.

No salespeople or scripts fed to you by telemarketers. That's just the way I do things.